Family friendly holidays

Fancy a Yurt in Cornwall?

Haven have come up with a fun family holiday that will suit the whole family.

 We love these fabulous Yurts and we think they are the ideal family holiday. With every home comfort you could possibly want, this is seriously stylish glamping.

Haven's glamping holidays are all about bringing a more glamorous feel to a camping holiday, so all you have to do is turn up, unpack and enjoy the great outdoors – all without sacrificing any of the luxuries you’d expect from a traditional holiday.
Perren sands is located  in Cornwall at Perranporth it’s the beach everyone raves about and billed as a great place for surfing, snorkelling, sailing and generally splashing around.

So what’s the attraction? Well, the miles of really golden sand are probably a good start, plus the huge surf, the sand dunes etc. etc. Yes, it’s a pretty impressive place
Family Freindly
Reasonably priced